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Are you properly vetting candidates BEFORE you hire them?

You need a solid process to vet talent. 

Developing job descriptions, interview rounds, and onboarding all take time, money, and effort. It's frustrating when you invest all that and then realize the person you hired isn’t a fit after all. And we don't have resources to waste! 

If you're not already doing so, there are some practices to help you find the best candidates. I'm not an HR expert, but I do know team operations and what it takes to equip talent to perform. 

❌ During the interview process, don't just ask basic questions.

Ask questions that someone with their experience should be able to answer. This may be about processes, scenarios, or even tech tools. It's best to make use of interviews to vibe-check and go beyond the resume. 

📝 I'm team mock assignment! 

Since the very beginning of TDJ, I have always requested a mock assignment after the initial interview. This should be a task that mirrors one of the core duties of the position when possible. When hiring VAs, I've requested travel itineraries that tested research and spreadsheet abilities, meeting note-taking, and SOP writing. Note: mock assignments should never take more than 2 hours to complete and should not be actual deliverables that you can use. 

☎️ Is asking for references old school?

I think not! I once hired a production coordinator who filled her resume with events she didn't have a hand in. I trusted her portfolio and didn't ask for references. That bit me in the butt! If you don't want to ask for a mock assignment, ask for references that can speak to their expertise and character.

It may take a little longer to find the right candidate, but rushing the process usually causes you to ignore the signs that have been there all along. slowing down and being thorough will be well worth it in the long run!!

Do you need support creating recruitment and onboarding resources?

Taking some time to rework or develop what you have can make or break a future hire's success. Listen to our past client, Mia, describe how we streamlined her onboarding process. ⬇️

Let's schedule a call next week to discuss your recruitment and onboarding process. Here's my personal calendar. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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