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Get the support you now
need to streamline your backend, hire, and train.

Are you ready for better workdays?

Our "done-with-you" and coaching services are tailored to empower your growing team with short-term and focused support, ultimately improving your daily operations. Our packages are strategically designed to put power in the right places. 

Operations Managerment


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virtual ops manager

Need support managing your day-to-day business operations? Looking for a second in charge?


Our Operations Management services provide tailored support at the management level, focusing on areas you choose. We seamlessly integrate with your team, developing strategic processes and systems to enhance daily operations. As your Operations partner, we handle the day-to-day management of tasks and projects, implementing systems that drive growth. If you're looking to shape your business strategy and establish the right processes for success, TDJ is your ideal partner!

  • A dedicated virtual operations manager 

  • 1-hour weekly zoom meeting 

  • 40 hours per month of support 

  • Team collaboration and management 

foundation first
Foundation First
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FOUNDATION FIRST is the ultimate solution for service-based businesses to take their backend systems and operations to the next level within just 90 days. This package is perfect for growing teams who need help in implementing tech tools and processes to work better together.

 Internal discovery/ audit 

  • We examine your current management methods, team members involved, and goals to recommend the best systems and processes.

  • After completing the initial phase, we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss our findings and suggested solutions.

  • Upon approval, we will proceed to the next phase of the project.


  • Our approved plan is now in motion and progress is being made! In this phase.

  • We will focus on setting up new tech tools, enhancing existing ones, and refining your business processes and workflows.

  • Additionally, we will work on automations via Zapier and thoroughly test everything.

SOPs & training 

  •  We offer hands-on training sessions for you and your team to ensure you know how to integrate the new procedures into your existing processes. 

  • A training plan is fully customizable based on your team structure and hiring goals.

  • Finally, you will be left with SOPs, documents, and organized resources to refer back to as your team grows.

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Need more info? 
  • During our strategy session, we will help you determine your growth areas. 

  • Choose 3 focus areas such as launching or improving your project management system.

  • We will take care of the build-out or improvements for you. 

  • Once the setup is complete, we will train you and your team on how to use and manage the tool. 

  • Comprehensive SOP and process resources will be created for future training and reference. 

  • This service is customizable. 




prepared to hire
Prepared to Hire


Are you ready to hire and need help ensuring your new hire is set up for success? Our "Prepared to Hire" service package offers a comprehensive approach to crafting a detailed team handbook that aligns with state regulations and nurtures a connection-first culture. It features a personalized onboarding process, complete with training schedules and goal-setting templates for new hires' initial 90 days. This service also prepares support role workflows and provides reference materials for effective employee integration, covering internal discovery, handbook development, and onboarding process design.

  • This service includes a fully customized team handbook with policies and procedures tailored to your business operations. (Employee/Contractor)

  • A fully customized onboarding process from offer to training, with templates to ensure a consistent and clear experience for every new hire, giving them the clarity they need for success.

  • A daily, weekly, monthly workflow breakdown based on the scope of work to support training.

  • 3- bi-weekly meetings to touch base, capture procedure details, and receive feedback.

  • Your dedicated team will include an HR compliance consultant, Team Operations Strategist, and Process Development Specialist. 

  • You get 30-days of support via email or Slack after we're done to make sure you're good to go. Add on additional training support for a +fee.

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