Getting Started With TDJ

The average TDJ client saves a minimum of 6.5 hours each week by using our services to delegate in their business; that’s a whole workday!  

01. Choose a Support LEVEL: Admin or Management

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Review our service offerings in full to ensure you are choosing the support you need. No two businesses are the same, so we’ve designed our packages to cover all bases.

02. Then, Choose a FOCUS: Business, Brand, Launch

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A "focus" is how we identify what our work together will entail. Our Execution Strategist will speak with you to learn more about the specific tasks and projects you want us to tackle.

03. Complete a Client Application

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Our client application helps us to learn more about you and your business.  As with any working relationship, we want to ensure that we are a fit for you, just as well as you are a fit for us. Please complete the application in its entirety to be invited to a complimentary consultation with our Execution Strategist.

Look out for an invitation to meet with our Execution Strategist. We can't wait to speak with you. During our call, we will chat about your business, current practices, and how we can best support you.


This call is the perfect opportunity to gain more details about who we are and how we serve.


Please keep in mind our discovery calls are sort of like an interview; it’s designed as an opportunity to see if we’re a fit for each other.


No advice or strategy will be provided. Check out our “Office Hours” bookings here if you’d like to book a training or strategy call.


What You Can Expect Next...

commonly asked questions

Where are your offices located?

"The World Is Our Office" No, seriously, check out our Podcast. 😄 Our "office" is based in Los Angeles, but we have team members working in New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Our team is constantly growing, but you can rest assured knowing that all of our team members are based in the US for seamless collaboration.

What are the skill sets of the Execution Specialist?

Our team is skilled in a variety of different areas. We will discuss what your needs are specifically and assign a team member who best fits the scope. Once you are onboarded, you will receive a skills profile for your new team member to learn more about their specific capabilities. Some common tasks include:

  • Email management
  • Social media management
  • Research projects
  • System set-up and implementing
  • Client management assistance
  • Calendar management
  • Onboarding process development
  • Canva design and asset creation
...and so much more!

Will I be assigned a dedicated team member?

Yes! Once you are onboarded with us, you will be assigned a dedicated ES who will be your main point of contact regularly. Treat your ES as your part-time contractor and guide them on how you want things done. Our ESs are thoroughly trained in the everyday jobs we receive from our clients. However, since each client has their requirements and preferences, we recommend spending some time with your ES to initiate the process. We work best and most efficiently in collaboration with our clients. Clients who provide clear direction and are easy to communicate with have the most success!

How will I get in touch with my Execution Specialist?

You will be introduced to your assigned ES during your onboarding call with us. You will also receive a kickoff kit that includes their direct email and telephone number. Most of our client communication is conducted with us via Slack to avoid email pile-up. If you don’t have Slack, we can help you create one for our communication together.

What is the payment structure?

We understand the need for flexibility. You have the option to pay bi-weekly or monthly for retainer-based packages. All a la carte services are due in full 100% at the time of booking.

Can I cancel at any time?

Our retainer services require a 3-month minimum commitment. Towards the end of your initial three months, you will have a progress check-in call with our Execution Strategist. During this time, we will discuss our work together and identify whether you'd like to continue with service or not.

How do I keep track of my hours?

You will be sent a task report at the end of the week with the name of the project that you have assigned, the time taken to complete each project, and the project status. If you don't need reports that often, we can switch it up to meet your preferences. Just let us know. If you want to check on your hours during the week, ask your Admin for an update.