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Supportive experts offering custom strategies that sustain your business in the long run. 

We’re ready to shake some things up!

Founded by Alice Foy in 2018, The Digital Jane is an operations development agency specializing in systems, processes, and team development. We have since served more than 30 companies and organizations.


Our specialty is partnering with women-owned, service-based businesses, agencies, and impact-driven teams to create synergy between their staff, systems, and procedures. You can learn more about Alice by reading her full bio here.

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Our Mission

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We promise to work with integrity and thoughtfulness in everything we produce, create, and output.

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We are supportive and collaborative in every project that we lead. We pride ourselves in offering customized partnerships that are tried and tested to help every leader and team experience quality results.

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At the center of our work, we nurture authentic connections and genuine relationship-building. We recognize everyone as the individual they are, with respect and encouragement for their professional & personal pursuits.

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We hold sacred space for Black women. As the rest of the world neglects, copies, and disregards us, we will always uplift, empower, and promote the betterment of Women of Color.

We pride ourselves on holding intentional space to support amazing women in business. We understand your need to make your dreams come true for your business and team. Those and the goals you set shouldn’t be left on hold or compromised. Let us help you create a seamless flow and structure within the operations of your business with more clarity and less chaos.

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Meet Our Squad

meet our team


Just call us the "Collaboration Crew".

We all bring our unique skills and gifts to everything we're involved in.


As a Chicago native with a 10-year background in event production, my work has positioned me to serve in the social impact and brand activation realm of events.


 In 2018, backed by my expertise and unique ability to create cohesion in systems and processes, I launched The Digital Jane driven by my passion for Black women as the fastest-growing group in leading industries.

With TDJ as the ultimate solution for women founders, I created intentional strategies that affirmed their success in building mission-led, sustainable businesses. These strategies would also help them to continually operate and work better in the long run with the right training for their team and leaders.


Based in Los Angeles, I’ve worked in administration for over six years, beginning my journey as a virtual assistant. As my experience developed, I’ve been positioned to transition into strategy and management positions that support my passion for helping women-owned businesses.

Becoming a part of The Digital Jane in 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to use systems and processes to help founders, leaders, and teams build solid foundations by improving and implementing effective ways to help them scale.


Wondering how working
with TDJ  is different?

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Our standard quality of work and service is rooted in excellence and serving towards the betterment of Black women founders who are intentionally building businesses.

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We have a process-first approach. We start at the foundation to understand the inner workings of a team, personalities, learning styles, and skill sets that support them for ultimate success.

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We believe in flexibility by offering a combination of done-for-you and done-with-you services.

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You’ll always have full leadership support. Our team equips administrators and leads with the resources needed to confidently support team members ability to hit the ground running and confidently execute.

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We have a coaching component that starts with the leader and includes the team as a whole in the process for true alignment and success to occur.

We can take you from...
Overworked and overwhelmed with day-to-day manual tasks
Creating seamless processes that lead to rotating workflows that actually work
Spending unnecessary money to train individuals on how to assist with your business
Earning less because you don’t have the capacity to go after more
Working with experienced industry professionals that know the “how-to” for your business needs .
Amplifying your current business income stream which will allow you to do more and be more for your business and possibly create new revenue  streams
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