Revolutionizing the virtual support game.

We’re ready to shake some things up!

Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, yet, we often lack the resources necessary to scale authentically. On the other hand, a growing group of experienced industry professionals is transitioning out of corporate spaces and desiring more freedom and flexibility to work from home. Creating TDJ was a solution to this need.

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Our Values

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We promise to work with integrity and thoughtfulness.

We pride ourselves on holding intentional space to support amazing women in business. 


We understand the need you have to make your dreams come true for your business. Those and the goals you set shouldn’t be left on hold. Let us help you delegate the wants and needs of your business, so you don’t have to.

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We approach all projects, big or small, with care and intention. 

We will always value our team members as individuals beyond The Digital Jane, investing in training, promotion, and growth opportunities in order to serve better.

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We hold sacred space for Black women. As the rest of the world neglects, copies, and disregards us, we will always uplift, empower, and promote the betterment of Black women. 

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We believe in collaboration. No team member is ever on an “island” alone. 


meet our squad

Just call us the "Collaboration Crew".

We all bring our unique skills and gifts to everything we're involved in.


As the owner and Execution Strategist of The Digital Jane, I lead my team in providing the best services possible to all of our clients. 

I love logistics and helping people, which shows in my innovation and thoroughness with each project I manage.

I strongly advocate for proactivity among women in their business pursuits and exemplify these ideals through my creative process and commitment to my own journey. I founded The Digital Jane in 2018 from my love of supporting women in business.

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Supporting dreams and watching others succeed is my passion! Having spent several years in a variety of support and leadership roles in business administration and in my community, I bring my experience and work ethic to everything I do.


I am a great team player who can also excel in working independently. I have strengths in time management, copywriting, and content planning. Clients enjoy working with me because I take pride and ownership of all tasks.


Born with a go-getter mentality, I am always up for a challenge. I love to build things from scratch and help launch businesses, so working as an Execution Specialist for TDJ is basically my dream job. In 2016, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Soon after, I relocated to the West Coast, where I developed my love for helping black entrepreneurs grow their brands. 


With over 4+ years of various management experience, I most enjoy working with clients with both creative and organizational tasks. I am adaptable, determined, and compassionate- traits that I bring to every client interaction.

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My name is Sana Moore of Chicago! I love listening to 90s R&B music while I cook (I feel like it makes the food taste better). I get a fulfilling feeling when I'm supporting women because I understand how hard we must work as women to receive opportunities.


Plus, Beyoncé said," GIRLS RUN THE WORLD"!

Wondering how working with virtual assistance makes the difference?

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Our team members are internally trained in commonly used systems and processes. This will help to elevate the burden of training someone from scratch.

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Hiring someone directly as an employee comes with additional responsibilities such as payroll taxes, benefits, and operational costs.

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Our flexible 90-day service term makes it easy to have support during your busy seasons and cancel during slower months.

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You’ll always have additional leadership support. Our Execution Strategist will work alongside your Admin to support when needed, roadmap tasks, and provide feedback when necessary.

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Get time back to focus on your core operations and entrust that the busy work still gets done.

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Overworked and overwhelmed with day-to-day manual tasks
Spending unnecessary money to train individuals on how to assist with your business
Earning less because you don’t have the capacity to go after more
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Creating seamless processes that lead to rotating workflows that actually work
Working with experienced industry professionals that know the “how-to” for your business needs and saving money, time, and energy by eliminating the need to train
Amplifying your current business income stream which will allow you to do more and be more for your business and possibly create new revenue  streams