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We’re ready to shake some things up!

Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, yet, we often lack the resources necessary to scale authentically. On the other hand, a growing group of experienced industry professionals is transitioning out of corporate spaces and desiring more freedom and flexibility to work from home. Creating TDJ was a solution to this need.

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Our Values

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We promise to work with integrity and thoughtfulness in everything we produce, create, and output.

We pride ourselves on holding intentional space to support amazing women in business. 


We understand the need you have to make your dreams come true for your business. Those and the goals you set shouldn’t be left on hold. Let us help you delegate the wants and needs of your business, so you don’t have to.

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We are a flexible, transitional team. We pride ourselves in offering customized support for everyone to grow, scale, and team build with aligned intentions.

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At the center of our work, we nurture authentic connections and genuine relationship building. We recognize everyone as the individual they are, with respect and encouragement for their professional & personal pursuits.

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We hold sacred space for Black women. As the rest of the world neglects, copies, and disregards us, we will always uplift, empower, and promote the betterment of Women of Color.


meet our squad

Just call us the "Collaboration Crew".

We all bring our unique skills and gifts to everything we're involved in.


About me: I am the CEO of The Digital Jane and an aspiring serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of freelance event production experience. 

My Jam! Strategic planning, organizing, and empowering teams juggling logistics and rapping Lil Wayne mixtape songs. I have the gift of anticipating needs and foresight --I can see ten steps ahead! I am a self-proclaimed champagne enthusiast, and supporting the betterment of Black women in any way I possibly can is my JAM! The Digital Jane was once a dream, and every day, I am honored to grow alongside our team and serve our clients. 

Favorite tech/tools: Dubsado, ClickUp, Active Campaign, Zapier, Canva, All things Google Workspace.

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About me: I am an Execution Strategist with TDJ. I have been with TDJ for over two years and have 4+ years of administrative and leadership experience.


My Jam! I have a passion for project management tools, systems, and automation (just call me the resident TDJ nerd). I love project planning and management, system audits + and implementation, books by amazing Black authors, and helping women entrepreneurs revamp their business backend to create ease and flexibility.


Favorite tech: ClickUp, Active Campaign, Airtable, Google Drive, Slack.


About me: I am an Execution Specialist at The Digital Jane. With over 5+ years of management experience, I enjoy working with clients on creative and organizational tasks.

My Jam! Process and system development is my jam! I pride myself on taking amazing meeting notes and creating an experience that our clients will love. My mantra is, “yes, we can build from scratch - but it must be excellent!” When I’m not supporting these amazing women, I’m somewhere around Los Angeles writing and producing music.

Favorite tech/tools: Dubsado, Trello, Typeform, Canva, Active Campaign, All things Google.


About Me: I am the Client Experience Specialist at The Digital Jane. I have over ten years of experience in communications/broadcasting, television production, and client management.


My Jam! I take pride in providing a white-glove experience for our clients, project management, collaborative projects, anything creative, and jamming out to 90’s R&B!


Favorite Tech: ClickUp, Canva, Floddesk, GoDaddy Studio, and Slack.


About me: I am an Execution Specialist with The Digital Jane. Every day, I work behind the scenes with our talented execution team to help our clients maximize their businesses.


My Jam! I love finding ways to help our clients repurpose and maximize their content to promote their brands, and I always find joy in collaborating and organizing projects. You can find me vibing to R&B/Hip-Hop or binge-watching Insecure for the 100th time!


Favorite tech: ClickUp, Airtable, Google Drive, Canva, and Slack

Iman Muhammad

Wondering how working
with TDJ  is different?

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Our team members are internally trained in commonly used systems and processes. This will help to elevate the burden of training someone from scratch.

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Hiring someone directly as an employee comes with additional responsibilities such as payroll taxes, benefits, and operational costs.

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Our flexible 90-day service term makes it easy to have support during your busy seasons and cancel during slower months.

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You’ll always have additional leadership support. Our Execution Strategist will work alongside your Admin to support when needed, roadmap tasks, and provide feedback when necessary.

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Get time back to focus on your core operations and entrust that the busy work still gets done.

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Overworked and overwhelmed with day-to-day manual tasks
Spending unnecessary money to train individuals on how to assist with your business
Earning less because you don’t have the capacity to go after more
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Creating seamless processes that lead to rotating workflows that actually work
Working with experienced industry professionals that know the “how-to” for your business needs and saving money, time, and energy by eliminating the need to train
Amplifying your current business income stream which will allow you to do more and be more for your business and possibly create new revenue  streams