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Read real-life examples of our success stories, showcasing how we have helped our clients overcome their operational challenges and achieve their business goals. From project management to workflow optimization, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help your business succeed.

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Client Success

A Step to Freedom, an organization that has been making a positive impact for 30 years, required assistance to improve its internal systems and processes to facilitate growth and expansion. To achieve this, we collaborated with the core team for seven months and completely restructured how they manage daily operations both virtually and on-site. This resulted in a more efficient and streamlined organization-wide approach to daily tasks and responsibilities. 

A team that believes in serving the community.

ASF provides transitional housing, programming, and supportive services that enable participants to free themselves by circumventing the barriers that typically prevent justice-impacted and homeless individuals from securing self-sufficiency. Click here to support their work!

a step to freedom was introduced to the team, but the project management system was not fully utilized and lacked customization to facilitate daily work and team collaboration.


Insufficient resources were hindering the ability of core team members and contractors to grasp and execute core processes on their own.


Support was needed to clarify the responsibilities of team members and the ways in which collaboration should take place. A rewrite of the information is needed.


Shared Drive lacked consistent file paths, naming conventions, and structure for virtual and onsite teams.


We utilized our workflow discovery process to identify gaps in the scope of work and contractor contracts, pinpoint opportunities for delegation by the CEO, and determine which duties should be reallocated among team members.

​ was restructured as a centralized workspace for their programs and operations team. We designed custom workflow boards and supporting resources for each department, taking a 360 approach.

Our team spearheaded a resource development initiative that yielded more than 70 resources for diverse departments and positions. These resources comprised standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes, and templates.

Our project included implementing a new password management system, restructuring the team's Slack workspace, and overhauling the shared drive.

We assisted the team in reorganizing their regular meeting schedule, modifying agendas, and facilitating a fresh preparation process for administrators.

We facilitated 10 training sessions for the Administrator and support team members.

This process included hands-on training in the new systems and supporting processes.

The Handoff

The Buildout

The Foundation

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kenya kirkland


“This is 31 years of a company working how we were that we’ve pulled together in this timeframe and upgraded and up-leveled. It has been a heavy lift, and I really applaud you guys. You have done an amazing job.”  - Kenya Croom 

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