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Are Unspoken Expectations Holding Your Team Back?

No one you hire can read your mind. 😅 If you have expectations of your team, it is your responsibility to communicate them. 

As with any relationship, unspoken expectations often lead to disappointment because we rely on the other person to figure out what we expect from them. And it rarely works out that way.

This doesn't mean you have to coddle anyone or repeat yourself constantly, but it does mean you need to set a standard and provide the necessary resources for your team to succeed. Let's review some examples to help you shift your perspective.

Do you see how these unspoken expectations can cause a gap?

By setting a mostly predictable routine and flow for daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities, team members can better understand what is expected of them and take ownership of their work.

We help leaders communicate clear standards by improving their hiring, training, and company resources. ⬇️

Our signature workflow discovery process is a great starting point for achieving clarity in scope and developing predictability in your team's individual and collaborative workflow.

This month, we're welcoming two teams to partner with us for a workflow discovery service! Click on the link below to learn more about this service and schedule a kickoff session. 

Do you recall Mia from my newsletter last week? Listen to her Project Coordinator, Morgan, describe how our work together helped her gain clarity in her role and feel more prepared to train future hires! 🙌🏽

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you plan to shake some of the unspoken expectations you have… This is a safe space! ☺️

Until next week, have a wonderful and productive week!

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