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Setting Your New Hires Up for Success: Avoid These 3️⃣ Onboarding Mistakes.

This week, I want to spend some time talking about one of the possible reasons why a new hire may have a hard time performing in their role: OVERWHELM. There was too much, too fast, all at once. Onboarding training requires a strategic approach, but leaders often prioritize speed over thoroughness. 

❌ Don't skip mapping out a training plan. 

Creating a training plan allows the new hire to process the information and time to get hands-on practice. You may want to have certain focuses each day. 

❌ Avoid overloading them with information. 

 Even though it’s done with the best of intentions, sharing too much too fast can cause overwhelm and confusion. Instead, try sharing resources and granting access in the same order as your training schedule. This way, new hires won't feel like they're drowning in information, and it's easier to focus on one thing at a time.

❌Stop expecting results right away. 

You may be excited about having some help and what they’ll contribute to the team, but don't expect immediate results. Keep in mind the 30/60/90-day goals you set for your new hire and support their progress as they adjust. Remember, no matter how much experience they bring to the table; they will still need time to learn how your company does things and can hopefully help you build on that.

Do you need support creating training resources and a plan?

Taking some time to rework what you have can make or break a future hire's success. Listen to our past client, Mia, describe how we streamlined her onboarding process. ⬇️

Remember, the HR onboarding process is just the beginning. Make sure you also have a team operations training plan. How can we help you establish a process to ensure your team members are well-trained?

Let's schedule a call this week to discuss this! Here's my personal calendar.


Have a wonderful rest of your week

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