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When an employee fails to produce results, avoid making this mistake.

Are you currently paying employees who aren't producing results because you're worried about rocking the boat or not sure how to support them?

The business owner and leader in me understands, but the Ops Strategist in me has a hard time with the concept. 

Hear me when I say this: If you are currently employing or contracting someone who is not producing results, you are doing them AND the rest of your team a huge disservice. Let me explain…

If a support hire isn't meeting the expectations of their position, that's a sign that something needs your attention. It may be due to one of these things:

  1. They could use more training, support, or collaboration.

  2. You haven't provided enough resources (processes, tech, etc.) to equip them with the tools and information to perform in their position.

  3. It's something personal, or they just aren't a fit. That happens, too.

It is your responsibility to take action because allowing them to coast with hopes of it getting better is not a solution.

A dream team is a group of people who have been specially chosen to work together and are considered to be the best at what they do. 🙌🏽

This year, we're excited to help teams reach their personal Dream Team status by improving their team operations. When you're ready, schedule a call with me below. We look forward to working with you!

Learn more about our Team Operations Development service.

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