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What's Really Causing A Disconnect Between Your Expectations And Your Team's Understanding?

Last week, we talked about unspoken expectations and the many ways they can create gaps between what you expect and what your team knows to do. ICYMI, or the invite to our event this Thursday; catch the recap here.

Over the past few weeks, I've talked about vetting, onboarding, and now communicating expectations. Are you catching my flow? It all connects!

You have to communicate your expectations by setting clear standards. We do this by hiring the right people, giving them the training they need, and communicating through our systems. Skipping over it creates a gray area, and then employees will rely on their own interpretations of what to do. Which could be good or bad. 😬

From my years of consulting with teams, I can tell you that there is often a gap between what a leader believes an employee is responsible for and how the employee perceives it for themselves.

What causes the gap may vary, but it's likely one of these 3 things:

 The job description is inaccurate. Did you fill the position with a generic job description from Google? Job descriptions should be customized to fit the needs of your company specifically. For example, the scope for a major corporation is likely different than a company with 20 employees. 

 It's your delegating style. Are you delegating reactively instead of proactively? It can make it difficult for employees to anticipate and form a routine and habit for themselves.

 You can't communicate what you don't know. You lack clarity on the role yourself because it's still developing.

 They are underqualified. You hired someone who doesn't have the skill set to lead in their position and needs training and direction.

f you complete this exercise, I can almost guarantee the answers will be different. I have a solution to help get the most accurate scope of work for everyone on your team. Our Workflow Discovery service!

 In just three weeks, we can assist you in refining the roles of up to four team members, including yourself. To get started, we'll need to schedule a kickoff call with you and assess job descriptions or contracts. Check the benefits!

Thank you for reading! Reply to this email and let me know if you currently have a contractor or employee who needs more clarity in their role.

How are you dealing with it? Nothing salesy. Maybe I can offer some personalized tips. 

Until next time, have a wonderful and productive week!

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