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How to develop scope clarity and the importance of hiring at the right support level.

Do you need more than a VA?

It's been a while since I've mentioned VAs specifically, so I want to make sure we cover all the bases. Let's say you made the VA investment and discovered over time that you actually need a leadership-level hire at this stage in business. 

What should you do? 

Well, first, give yourself some grace. Making a support hire is usually our first thought when we start growing our team, but depending on the needs of your business specifically, you may get more value out of hiring a COO or a strategist within a certain specialty. 

You may "do it all" but that shouldn't be an expectation of your team.

Having a clear understanding of the recurring work your services and backend require is the best way to identify where you need support the most and to assign it in an equitable way. 

As a founder, you've probably adapted to doing whatever is needed in every area of your business, but when you have a team, clarifying the work that everyone is doing helps to avoid scope creep, duplicated efforts, and team members struggling because they're working beyond their zone of genius. 

It may not be intentional. You just don't know what you need.

You know there's a TON of work to do, and you need the support. 

  • Maybe the demands/needs of the business changed.

  • Your team is small, so everyone is accustomed to jumping in wherever needed. 

  • You hired support when you needed leadership in a specific area. 

As a leader, it's your job to make sure that everyone on your team has a clear and well-defined scope that matches their job description, skills, and the level of collaboration needed. It's okay if things need to be adjusted or if support needs change, but it's not okay to let people work outside of their scope without addressing it.


How to get clear on what support you need

1️⃣ Take time to assess your services and back office structure. What work does each area produce? How do these duties align with the positions on your team?

2️⃣ Make note of the daily, weekly, monthly, and as-needed duties. Use our FREE template here or partner with us for our Workflow Week service.

3️⃣ Reassign duties where you notice scope creep and hire/delegate responsibilities as needed. 

Having a clear understanding of the recurring work your services and backend require is the best way to identify where you need support the most. It's okay if your support needs change over time. Take steps to put the right people in place. 

Have you checked out Slack's new feature?

Slack recently launched Canvases, a feature that allows you to create interactive documents right within your Slack workspace! I love the idea of sharing notes, welcome guides, and project roadmaps in this format. Check out my YouTube shorts to get started with adding them to your Slack. 

Part 1: How to add Slack Canvases to your workspace.

Part 2: Adding a canvas to a specific Slack channel and ideas!

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