Are You Ready To Do What You Love & Delegate The Rest?

Operations Consulting & Transitional Planning Support For Growing Teams!

The Digital Jane is a full-service operations consultancy specializing in the strategic development of systems and processes. We partner with growing teams, agencies, and service-based businesses.   

The right support
is necessary to do your best work. 

Our hands-on team is made up of skilled women who are equipped with real-world experience and are committed to helping you maximize your business. With TDJ, our average client saves 40 hours a month by using our services to delegate in their business. 

this could be you!

Our work makes all the difference in how our clients show up daily in their businesses. The unique combination of our skills and experiences, along with our collaborative work style, makes working with our team seamless.

You will gain more time to focus on your core services.

Ready to get organized?

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We believe the first step to being profitable in business is to get organized. 
Your branding is top-notch, but how is your backend? Can you easily find a document when you need it? Are you maximizing the features of your current systems?
Join our 72-Hour Challenge now. We will guide you through frequently used systems and FREE ways to make them more efficient for you. Ready? 
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Here's the problem.

You’re all too familiar with “superwoman syndrome,” and it’s causing your business to remain stagnant when it should be growing exponentially. We get it; you’re a total powerhouse. You started on the scene flying solo and turned your dream into a business.

Now, for real growth to manifest, the right people need to be in place to continue supporting and pushing your dream forth. But your need to be the only one to check off your to-do list is holding you back. And let’s be real, the planning, processes, and workflow of your business aren’t working as effectively as they can, and you’re burnt out.

It's time to transition from a "one-woman show" to a fully functional business ready to grow and scale with a team that’s there to help make it happen.

client win

It’s time you learned how to start working on your business rather than in it, and there’s no doubt in working with us that you will.

As a busy entrepreneur making major boss moves, you’re juggling a million things at once. You interchange between wearing many different hats, but not all of them fit. We get it, everything needs to get done, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one doing all of it. Now is the time to hire the experienced support you need in order to make room to serve your clients better. 

We are the right hand to experts + influencers.
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We are the sidekick to growing entrepreneurs.
We are the leaders for scaling solopreneurs.
And we are the executors you need to elevate.
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Making time to grow and scale your business because you’re completely bogged down with administrative tasks and operations? 

Launching your next business service or program because you need assistance in creating an effective launch plan and implementing it?

Automating your processes in order to secure and onboard your service-based clients in a timely manner?

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Reconnect with the ‘why’ behind your business in order to focus on what you’re good at.

Recenter yourself to fully tap into authentic personal and business development.

Grow and scale your business knowing that all the heavy lifting is being handled.

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Let’s start our work together by taking a deep dive into what your needs and desires are in terms of support. 

Not only will you gain the support you need, you will learn from our work and gain processes along the way. 

We will dissect your current daily workflow, things you’d like to delegate, and how we can support you in order to create a customized, tailored approach on how to best serve your needs.

We will make time to learn more about your communication preferences, current operating applications and systems, and your overall goals for hiring support. Don’t worry; you will be partnered with our Execution Strategist, who will guide you on our collaborative journey to ensure an ideal partnership with the right team member.

Get On The Right Level 

Let’s get specific. Where do you need support the most in order to get to your next level? Choose between Admin or Management level and then a focus.

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+ Business Support + Brand Support
+ Launch Support

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+ Operations Management
+ Business Management
+ Launch Management

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+ Office Hours

+ Dubsado Refresh or Setup

+ TDJ On-Demand

meet alice

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 I’ve worked with some of the most prominent entertainers, brands, and public figures to create memorable moments. Launching The Digital Jane was the compilation of my passions, skills, and resources combined into one.

My love for business, logistics, and serving others is the core of TDJ. My expertise in systems, processes, and knowledge of the industry makes working with TDJ a genuinely well-rounded and unique experience.

Hi, I’m Alice! I created The Digital Jane after years of working behind-the-scenes of corporate events, festivals, and brand activations, driving BIG results as a freelance Event Producer.

what our clients say

My operations didn't exist before the TDJ team; they were able to pull all of our teams together efficiently, keep us on schedule, and creative organization. I'm a big vision person and sometimes can get lost run the outcome. The Digital Jane made it easy for me to do what I do best while not skipping steps in the process.

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The Digital Jane's service is unmatched from start (discovery call) to completion. Alice Foy is truly a master of client service. The process was so painless and seamless that it probably saved me up to 24 working hours of stress and anxiety.

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