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Can AI replace Admin/Ops in documenting SOPs?

"But can't ChatGPT create the same type of documents?"

As excited and curious about open AI as I am, I am equally concerned about the need for more training and knowledge to use it properly for daily tasks.

 I was recently asked if the custom resources my team creates for companies are the same as what AI can produce, and it caught me off guard. 

Think about it like this…

It's like finding a free template on Google; it may be created about the topic, but nothing in it speaks specifically to YOUR business. You have to customize and add your information and details to make it make sense. And sometimes even that isn't enough!

Well, the same goes for AI-generated resources. 

AI can tell you a general way but not the BEST way based on your specific company. 

Our approach to process development takes a lot of things into consideration – such as varying learning styles, skill levels, historical company knowledge, practicality, and expertise. 

 We know how to pull all that information into one collective and cohesive document supported by links, templates, and resources. We are always anticipating the needs of the reader. That takes a combination of skills that artificial intelligence does not have.

Bottomline: tools like ChatGPT should be used to support process documentation and to enhance it, not to define it.

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