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The Ultimate Guide to Auditing Your Productivity Tech Tools

I recently read a stat that said the average team uses 12-16 productivity tools, and I was shocked! How many apps are you using per day?

According to a recent study by Cornell University, (43%) of employees said they’re spending too much time switching between different tools to get their jobs done, which “causes a drag on creativity.” On an average day, workers are spending an hour searching through different tools for the information they need.

When you're putting together your tech stack, the last thing you want is to make things harder when you're trying to make them easier. But with so many tools and apps out there, it's super easy for things to get messy. Some stuff isn't being used properly or not at all, and sometimes it feels like it's simpler just to keep going as is instead of fixing it. That's why it's important to regularly check your tech stack to make sure it's still doing what it's meant to do.

How to Audit Your Productivity Tech Stack

  1. Make a list: First, list all the tools you currently use, both paid and free subscriptions. You can use our subscription tracker template in Airtable or create your own via a spreadsheet.

  2. What does it cost?: Note the cost of the tool, billing terms such as annual or monthly, and what payment method is used. This will be helpful when you tally up your total subscription cost. 

  3. Seat check! Next, check each tool to ensure the # of seats you're paying for is accurate. Remove former team members and reduce your plan based on your current users. It is COMMON for companies to pay for "empty" seats without ever noticing. 

  4. Cancel or plan to improve: Now, it's time to assess how well each tool meets your needs. Consider factors such as ease of use, functionality, integration capabilities, and overall performance. Ask yourself if the tool is truly helping you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency or if it's causing more frustration and confusion.

  5. Evaluate features: Now, with the tools you chose to keep, do a little research to see if they've added new features that may replace the need for another app. And be sure to check for redundancies. Are there multiple tools that serve similar purposes? If so, consider eliminating duplicates and consolidating your tech stack. Pro tip: read the emails that you get from the companies about the latest updates or attend a virtual webinar. 

  6. Ask your team: No one knows better than the people using it daily. Ask for feedback on favorite features and areas of improvement. 

Once you've completed your audit and identified areas for improvement, it's time to implement changes. But don't rush it or try to knock it out all at once. Doing this gradually is important to avoid disrupting your team's workflow. You can start by improving or replacing one tool at a time and give yourself time to adjust before moving on to the next.

Regularly auditing your productivity tech stack is SO necessary! If you don't have the time and need some support, we can help!

Maximize Your Productivity: A 6-Step Audit for Your Tech Tools. 

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