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Why You May Not Be Seeing Results with Your Virtual Assistant.

Here's why you aren't seeing results with your virtual assistant. 

TDJ started a virtual business support agency in 2018. We noticed that many solopreneurs were relying on part-time virtual assistants to fill gaps in their operations. Even in the short time that we offered VA services, we learned firsthand the challenges of being in the role when a business owner needs more.

  • Receiving assignments that were beyond our scope of work.

  • Lack of resources, clear instructions, or examples to guide us.

  • Often being underutilized due to CEOs' uncertainty about their needs.

There is a trend on social media encouraging leaders to outsource support, even if they may not be ready or it doesn't provide the necessary level of support for meaningful results. Sometimes, hiring an assistant isn't enough; you need someone who can lead in their area of expertise. Many business owners have found that hiring a virtual assistant created more work instead of bringing relief.

At TDJ, we believe in making thoughtful decisions when it comes to hiring assistance. Instead of seeking help for sporadic busy work, we encourage our clients to consider where assistance will have the most meaningful impact.

If you have a VA or are planning to hire one soon, try these 3 tips to properly prepare before investing:

1️⃣ Clearly define your expectations and goals. 

Before hiring a virtual assistant, take the time to define your expectations and goals for the role. Identify the specific tasks and responsibilities you need assistance with, and communicate them to the virtual assistant. This will help them understand what is expected and ensure that they can provide the support you need. Use our CEO brain dump template to get started,

✅ Action items: 

  • Write out a list of recurring duties that you want the VA to manage. 

  • Review this list with them during your initial conversation to make sure they understand your vision for the role and the expectations. 

  • Be sure to note any specific timelines and ask about their experience with similar tasks. Request examples or provide a (paid) sample project. 

2️⃣ Provide detailed instructions and resources.

To set your virtual assistant up for success, provide detailed instructions and any necessary resources or examples related to the tasks they will be handling. Clear instructions will help them understand your preferences and work style, while resources and examples will give them a reference to follow, You may get someone who can build on the resources you provide and improve processes, it is always a good practice to provide some resources upfront. This helps reduce unnecessary back-and-forth questions and ensures smoother collaboration.

✅ Action items: 

  • Review your list of recurring tasks and projects - Take some time to go through your list of recurring tasks and projects. Identify the ones that have steps or processes specific to your company. 

  • Document the processes for the VA to follow - Start by documenting the processes for the tasks that require specific steps or processes unique to your company. This documentation doesn't have to be elaborate or complex. 

  • Record looms, capture screenshots, or draft step-by-step instructions - Choose the method that works best for you and start documenting the processes. Check out TangoLoom, and Trainual

3️⃣ Communication needs to be regular and thorough!

Communication is key when working with a virtual assistant. 

✅ Action items: 

  • Establish a communication plan that works for you and your Admin from the beginning. This can be via email, weekly huddles, or a tool like Slack.

  • Encourage open and regular communication to stay updated on progress, address any issues, and provide feedback. This will help build a strong working relationship and ensure that both you and the virtual assistant are on the same page.

  • Have milestone meetings. Have a meeting with your VA quarterly or before contract renewal to discuss success, challenges, and if there are any changes to the scope of work.

If you need support defining the role and developing resources for your Admin, tap us! We help founders develop scopes, resources, and tech tools that make delegating seamless. 

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