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Two Week Notice Survival Kit - $23

Get instant access to the complete 5-page offboarding process that can be customized for your business.

Having an offboarding process in place for contractors and employees helps to ensure that your company is retaining the right information, getting valuable feedback, and revoking system access.

Without a process, you’ve probably experienced a few of these...

🔒Former employees/contractors still have passwords and access to your systems.

😖You don’t know what was done or not before they left and had to piece together emails to figure it out.

❌You forgot to ask for login information to a system before a team member left, and you couldn’t access it.

⏳You’ve spent hours training a new hire on how to do something that your previous employee handled independently, but they never created SOPs.


🏁Every time someone leaves your company, it feels like starting from scratch.

Download our full offboarding process and templates for just $23!

Templates included:

  • 5-page Offboarding Process

  • Week-to-week timeline

  • Exit Interview Questions

  • Exit Interview Meeting Request

  • SOP Template

  • Transition Memo Template

Format: Google Docs

Instructions: Make a copy of each template resource in order to use them.

To do so, click "file" > make a copy > rename > file in Google Drive.

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