How to find your flow and make the most of your work week!

Whether you work full-time in corporate or as a small business owner, finding balance for your work week is imperative. As much as we would like to think we can be in Diddy"BEAST mode" every day of the week, it is important to find a balance that works for your life and routine.

Create a theme for your week!

One way you can easily plan your week is to create themes for each day. This means that you’ll handle specific tasks on certain days so you can always anticipate the kinds of things you’ll be working on. It’s also going to make it easier to choose where to schedule certain tasks into a blank, wide-open week.

For example, your schedule could look something like this: Monday is for admin tasks, Tuesday if for working with clients, Wednesday is for working on projects, Thursday is another client day, and Friday is another day for tackling projects.

The most helpful advice I've received to date is finding a consistent theme for each day. In the event production world, no two weeks are EVER the same, but it's nice to have a plan in place for the slower months.

Here is an example of how to set-up your week.

Feel free to switch things around as you see fit!


Energy ramps out of the weekend — schedule low-demand tasks like setting goals, organizing, and planning.

EXAMPLE: Email answering, Monday meetings for weekly planning, revisiting tasks from the prior week)

Tuesday, Wednesday:

Peak of energy — tackle the most difficult problems, write, brainstorm, schedule …

EXAMPLE: Meeting the vendors, deadlines due, product production, final draft production


Energy begins to ebb — schedule meetings, especially when consensus is needed.

EXAMPLE: Meeting with staff about weeks flow, tying up loose ends from projects from previous week, turning in project.


Lowest energy level — do open-ended work, long-term planning, and relationship building.

EXAMPLE: Lunch meetings with potential partners outside office, in office working lunches, emails out for response by following week, setting agenda for any events over the weekend, quarter or mid year progress meetings and weekly recap.

We would love to hear how this works for you! Comment below.

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