Business Etiquette Tips for Emerging Business Owners

  1. Be on time. Always be on time for your appointments whether they are in person or virtual. Your punctuality shows that you have respect not only for your business but other people’s time as well.

  1. Use their name. When you’re addressing someone either by speaking to them on the phone, video chat or even in email, make sure to use the person’s name.

  1. Proofread emails for typos and grammatical errors. Most business owners communicate a lot through emails, documents or even text. Make sure to proofread your writing to make sure it is professional and well written.

  1. Return phone calls or emails promptly. One of the best signs of professionalism is returning phone calls or emails quickly and efficiently. Emerging and established business owners are all very busy and each person’s time is valuable.

  1. No phone. When in a meeting, put the phone down and turn the ringer off. It helps to keep your meeting concise, on track and shows respect to the other parties involved.

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